Most Recent Grants

Grants Made for Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2016

The UCLA Foundation for the Benefit of the Uncle Claude Fund$125,000
Research Grant - Northwestern University$50,000
Research Grant - The University of Akron$50,000
Research Grant - UT Southwest Medical Center$50,000
Children's Hospital of Los Angeles$35,000
Guide Dogs of the Desert$34,000
Blind Children's Center$30,000
The Center for the Partially Sighted$30,000
The Blind Children's Learning Center$25,000
Marshall B. Ketchum University$25,000
South Central Family Health Center$25,000
Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind$25,000
Braille Institute$20,000
Helen Keller International$20,000
Junior Blind of America$20,000
Meet Each Need With Dignity$20,000
Southern California Conservatory of Music$20,000
Surgical Eye Expeditions International, Inc. dba SEE International$20,000
Valley Community Healthcare$20,000
Venice Family Clinic$20,000
Vision to Learn$20,000
International Guiding Eyes, Inc. dba Guide Dogs of America$17,650
Watts Healthcare Corporation$15,000
St. Jude Medical Center$13,085
CRE Outreach$10,000
Disabled Resources Center, Inc.$10,000
Valley Presbyterian Hospital$10,000